StumotownNate's Recommended Reading

This is a work in progress, please check back soon, this week(1.15.06) maybe?

A Walk Across America: This is a fine tale about a young man who struck out looking for America, looking for himself, and found both... A great read!

Our Endangered Values: By President Jimmy Carter; This takes a look at what President Carter sees as major problems with the way the government, and the Administration are governing our country. I highly recommend this book!

The Divine Right of Capitol: This book takes a look at core problems within the corporate business model. It discusses the fact that corporations are legally bound to put shareholder profits above all else, often to the spoil of citizens and their environment. It discusses problems and solutions. I think this subject matter of this book is second to none in importance.

Fast Food Nation: This is one of the first books that I read that dealt with innate problems of the "American Way". This book deals with what we eat, how it is produced, who produces it, how it is marketed... Although the title and much of the subject matter deal with food, this book is also largely about corporate dominace in everyday American life.

Conversations With God: I would not classify this as a Christian book, so don't expect it to be... I did however, find it to be quite a good read, and this may be a good look into what some "spiritual but not religous" folk believe in.

Dr. Andrew Weil: I am not endorsing a particular book here, because most of what I have learned from him was on CD,(which I recommend, because he has a very pleasant voice and demeanor... Check your library). He has a lot of great stuff to say about taking care of yourself(the CD's we listened to), and I highly recommend giving him a read or a listen.
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