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Photo Gallery

      Might I recommend perusing through the first three or four albums listed? I realize that I have many albums here, and these are the most recent.

      The "favorite photos" are not really aranged by time, just a bunch I've taken, and I like for their photographic quality, or because they were just fun times....
  Favorite Photos    (August '06)


  Trip to the Olympic Peninsula(Sept. '06)
  My 31st B-day
  Cooper Spur, Mount Hood    (August '06)
  Hanging Meadows, Ruckel Creek(August '06)
  Whooptidoos, Hood River     (August '06)
  Mt. Hood Camping Trip     (6.24.06)
  Ecola Beach     (6.18.06)
  Silver Star
  Trip to Coast-Sunset in June
  Multnomah Falls to Wakeenah Falls 5.27.06
  Images of the Oregon Coast (posted 6.25.06)
  Betsy Bus   (posted 6.25.06)

Old Albums

  CO Winter '02-'03. (Posted 3.26.06)
  My New Suzuki     (3.26.06)
  Silver Falls and Opal Creek     (3.8.06)
  Appalachain Trail: 5/04 (Posted 1.15.06)
  Coast Trip with Dad    (11/08/05)
  Jalopy Graveyard    (8/20/05)
  Family Photos    (8/01/05)
  Mt. Hood Photos re-posted (1.15.06)
  8/13 Roadtrip    (8/20/05)
  Oregon Coast    (7/24/05)
  Bald Moutain    (7/24/05)
  Photos I    (6/15/05)
  Photos II    (6/15/05)

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